SmartPeg Reference Guide

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We are very happy to announce that the updated Osstell SmartPeg Reference Guide is now available (valid from May 2021).

What is NEW?

SmartPegs are also now available for: CloseFit, swell/Touareg-S, Close Fit UNP from Adin Dental Implant System, Replacing PLan1Health, GTB, Tzero, ONE from Advan, IS-FOUR, CYROTH from AoN Implants, Champions® (R)Evolution from Champions Implants, Simple Line 2 from Dentium, Hexacone from Dr. Ihde Dental AG, Legacy1-4/InterActive, RePlant, SwishPlus, ScrewIndirect from Implant Direct, Tylobe Maxx, I-HEXMRT from Keystone Dental, ICX Premium-Active Master-Active Master Narrow Tissue Line from Medentis, T6, T6 Torq from Nucleoss, K1, PSK Micro, PSK Normo, MD Kone, Classic int, Piesse int, MD int, MD ext from Oxy Implant, SICace/SICmax, SICvantage max, SIC tapered, SICvantage tapered from SIC Invent, DC line from Southern Implants, SDS1.1, SDS2.0 from Swiss Dental Solutions AG, SPI ELEMENT RC INICELL from Thommen, OMNI Fixture, OMNI Tapered Fixture from URIS Implants, Mytis arrow from BrainBase Corporation: Please note that the suitable SmartPeg for this implant changed from type 4 to type 6, Aadva from GC IMPLANT: Please note that the suitable SmartPeg for this implant changed from type 58 to type 21.

SmartPeg Reference Guide (pdf)

Did You Know?

You can also find the SmartPeg Guide in the Osstell App –

available for download on the App Store or Google Play.

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